Where do you get your High Country Oil’s and Balsamic from?

 Our extra virgin olive oils come from all over the world. The olives are harvested for optimum freshness and then cold pressed to extract the oil. Different regions have different harvest times and differing growing seasons. (Two hemispheres with opposite seasons allow for the freshest possible EVOO’s) Our oils come both naturally flavored and non flavored.

Our solera crafted aged balsamic comes from the Modena region of Italy. Solera crafting is a method of barrel aging the balsamic until it reaches a desired acidity of 4% or less. (6% for white balsamic). Our balsamic also comes naturally flavored and non-flavored.

Our supply partner, Veronica Foods, has spent decades developing the necessary relationships with growers and producers so that we may bring the very best products to our customers.

Why use High Country Olive Oils and Balsamic?

  • Rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E and K
  • A good source of iron
  • Lowers harmful (LDL) cholesterol
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Lowers Triglyceride levels
  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Aids in digestion
  • Helps the appearance of your skin and hair
  • Protects the heart and cardiovascular system
  • Provides antioxidants which guard against free radicals

How do I use High Country Olive Oil and Balsamic?

At High Country we suggest that you use our oils and balsamic as part of your healthy diet. Our slogan, “Come taste what’s good for you” means exactly what it says. Taste what is good for you. Not only do we invite you to come to one of our tasting bars to freely sample the products; we suggest that you can use the “good fats” in the olive oils and the naturally sweet goodness in our balsamic as part of a healthy lifestyle. There are limitless ways to to incorporate High Country Olive Oil and Balsamic into your diet. You can try one of the dozens of recipes on our website or search online. Be assured though that our products are used for:

Cooking, Baking, Dipping, Finishing, Sautéing, Searing, Marinating, Drinking etc.

We encourage our customers to be creative in their preparations of everyday meals; and to incorporate wholesome flavors that make everyday cooks seem like trained chefs.

How long will my High Country Olive Oil or Balsamic last?

 We encourage customers to use the oils they purchase from us in 12-18 months. The balsamic within 7 years (although it will probably last longer). Our guess is though that you’ll enjoy it so much you won’t have to worry about a “best by” date.

As for storing…. We use dark bottles to protect from UV light. Keep sealed. Neither of the products have to be refrigerated or frozen. A dark pantry or closet at room temperature works fine.

Why do some of High Country Olive Oil oils taste green and peppery?

 Some of the healthiest non flavored oils we sell have a strong grassy green peppery taste. Although not tasting like mild “grocery store” oils which lack freshness and quality; these varietal oils are tasted, tested and analyzed for quality. Some olive varieties produce very high phenol counts which affects the flavor intensity of the oil. Just like apples…. There are many varieties of olives that each have their own flavor and chemical profiles. A good rule of thumb is the stronger greener tasting the oil, the healthier it is; some may have an acquired taste however. High Country carries mild, medium and robust varieties of olive oils.

What part of the world do the best oils come from?

 While opinions vary on what regions of the world produce the best oils; the truth of the matter is that the seasonal olive fruit harvest from which our oils are produced can be affected by varying factors including soil conditions, drought, excess precipitation, extreme temperature swings, etc. Many oils that you may have purchased at one time of the year may not be available the next time you are replacing it. Our supply partners are always searching for the best products.

Are High Country Olive Oil and Balsamic gluten free?


What other products do you offer?

 High Country Olive Oil offers a variety of specialty foods from numerous vendors. We are constantly searching for top quality specialty products to bring to our shops. Some of our products include:

Frontier Soups and Dips                 Back to Basics Spices and Herbs

Braswell Preserves and Honey       Salt Sisters Salts, Spices and Rubs

Parpadelles Pasta

Does High Country Olive Oil ship ?

Yes. High Country Olive Oil ships anywhere in the United States and to our military personnel overseas who are at an FBO. We have specially designed containers that will safely get your bottles where they need to go. Call shops for details and rates.

Does High Country Olive Oil offer a military discount?

 Yes. Upon showing a valid military ID at our shops we offer a 10% discount.

Does High Country Olive Oil offer gift packages?

 High Country Olive Oil offers varying sizes of two piece as well as 6 piece “mini bottle” samplers. You can call any off our shops for details. High Country Olive Oil products are a GIFT OF GOOD TASTE for any occasion.


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